Count Them

Count everything, quantify it all

weigh it, measure it

decide on it; strip it down

it’s an exact science.

Find them, those facts

facts empirical facts one and all.




Everyone likes certainties.


Reliable at a 99% confidence level

that’s a 1/100 chance of failure

of being wrong

of fucking up


I’d take those odd, wouldn’t you? No? Still not convinced?


Well let me explain;


you buy a lottery ticket every day

for a hundred consecutive days and you lose




bummer eh?


So count, yeah count


count the truck’s wheels rotations between Kobane and London

count the grains of sand that record its tread, count the cash

count the footsteps, trees, sleeps, deaths, rapes, births, tides

count the kindnesses, clothes, food, shelter, water, protection

count the moons, the suns, the heat, the cold, the raindrops, the tears.


Words outnumber the people they’re written for


count those words

weigh them

pile them

stack them

quantify them

measure them

judge them


but just remember,


There’s only a 1% chance of it all turning to rat-shit.


Someone should have told Aylan and Ghalib’s dad.